Is a Recovery House Different from a Treatment Center?

Content How do I Choose the Right Sober Living Home? What is a Sober Living home? What Should I Bring With Me to Rehab? Expanding the Recovery Home Model Sober Living Houses vs. Rehab Centers and Halfway Houses Peer support of this kind help addicts build up strength and confidence by providing opportunities to mentor […]

How to Stop Alcohol Withdrawal Shakes & Reduce Tremors

Contents Trusted & Approved Addiction Treatment Center Alcohol Detox Medication What is Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS)? What Happens During Medical Detox for Alcohol? These receptors have many effects, but they play an important role in reducing anxiety and slowing bodily systems. Manikant S, Tripathi BM, Chavan BS. Utility of CIWA-A in alcohol withdrawal assessment. In […]

Drinking a Bottle of Wine by Yourself Sign of Alcohol Abuse

Content Alcoholism Essential Reads Who Is At Risk For Drinking Too Much Wine? Ways to Fight Wine Addiction Heart Health Can You Have Wine While Pregnant? Are You Ready for a Lasting Approach to Addiction Treatment?Verify Insurance Light to moderate drinking is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, while heavy drinking appears to […]